Who We Are:

Friends and Lovers is a project of passion, friendship, and love. Our mission is to provide a safe space for all kinds of people to let loose, be themselves, dance, make friends, fall in love, and party their hearts out, and a stage for NYC's best and most talented musicians, DJs, and artists to have fun, be creative, and take risks.


Frequently asked questions:

Is there an age restriction?

Friends and Lovers is strictly a 21+ venue.  

Is there a dress code?

Not really.  Don't wear flip flops (they're bad on dance floors).

What kind of music will there be?

This REALLY depends on the night and can range from soul to house to funk to hip hop or anything in between.  Check the parties and comedy sections and/or Instagram for more information on the specific events happening on any given night.

When should I arrive? 

We are open from 5pm - 2am Wednesday and Thursday, 5pm - 4am Friday and Saturday, and closed Sunday through Tuesday (unless otherwise noted).  Feel free to come at anytime we are open.  On weekends, we often have a line by 11pm so come before that if you don't want to wait.

What do I do if I lost something?

Fun happens and if you left something behind please email us at lostandfound@fnlbk.com with a description of the item along with your contact information. We'll search high and low for it!

How do I play here?

Send a submission to music@fnlbk.com.  Please include name of artist(s) or proposed show, desired dates, relevant links, and any other information that seems pertinent to your submission.  If your submission is too long or (especially if it is) too vague, it will be thrown in the trash.  DJs, please send mixes and/or videos of you DJing so we can get an idea of technical skill level as well as musical style. 

Keep in mind that due to the high volume of submissions we get, we can't respond to everyone.  We do, however, check every email that comes to us, so if you don't hear back, you don't need to follow up.

Can I make a reservation?

Sort of.  Due to the nature of our space, we don't have any VIP areas or separate spaces that can be rented while the bar is open to the public, so we can't hold space for large parties.  If you would like to come with a large party, however, please let us know what day you'd like to come and with how many people by emailing music@fnlbk.com, and we will do our best to accommodate you and your friends. 

Can I rent out the venue for a private event?

Yes!  We do rent out the venue for private events from kids birthday parties to weddings.  We offer several open bar packages as well.  For more info please reach out to music@fnlbk.com.  Please, serious inquiries only.

Anything else I should know?

So glad you asked!  Be nice, patient, and accepting of other people.  Friends and Lovers is a safe space for all kinds of people regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation.  The only people we don't have a tolerance for are intolerant people.  Please be patient if you have to wait on a line.  Be kind to fellow patrons.  Be respectful of staff and security.  Tip your bartenders.  And don't ask DJs for requests.  Otherwise, just show up and be your amazing self!