Green and Glass spins melodic on top of mountain grooves, using sonar to navigate the case of the missing crescendo. Green and Glass is a mysterious vessel. Band members are Sam Decker, Dave Flaherty, Andrew McGovern, Lucia Stavros, and Ryan Dugre.

Trees Take Ease
Stephen, Jason, and James sail to the moon.

Gregory Uhlmann

Gregory Uhlmann combines lush, hypnotic minimalist chamber pop with compelling, introspective folk melancholy. Nuanced interplay between guitar and voice is central to much of his new record, "Odd Job", at times using bass clarinet, pump organ, viola, among many other sophisticated acoustic flourishes to fill out this meditative body of work.

Uhlmann's first solo endeavor travels a different, more intimate path than much of his more established output so far - like the rhythmically globetrotting experimental rock outfit Fell Runner and his improvisational jazz trio Typical Sisters - aiming for subtlety and slow immersion on ‘Odd Job’. Produced himself along with frequent collaborator Tim Carr (Haim), Uhlmann's harmonic sense and sidewinding song craft reveals itself along the way offering glimpses of hope and romanticism throughout the darkness channeling disparate echoes of Nick Drake, Philip Glass, and Ali Farka Toure.