"Solvents in the Dream," Loosie's debut album, is available now! This album was burning a hole in our gatdang pockets, but now I hope it's burning a hole in your soul. If not, come to this and we can burn together � and you can buy the record �

Doors 7:30 PM
8PM: Koby Williamson - solo guitar. big amp. very pretty and overwhelming. Sad! kobywilliamson.bandcamp.com

9PM: pecas - dream indie / pop \ cinematic / ghost folk. Rad!pecas.bandcamp.com

10PM: Loosie - Fever Dream Pop from Brooklyn. Intimate and vulnerable pop songs, written by drummer-songwriter Alex Kirkpatrick, come up for air beneath a slurry of rich and dense textures from shoegaze and improvised music. Anxiety, addiction, and alienation through technology are packaged with healthy doses of feeling-yourself, love for companions, and the good kinds of growing pains. loosie.bandcamp.com

$5 (but great exposure!)