QNA:  QNA is a band based in New York City, merging the highly improvisational, referential idioms of hip-hop and jazz. QNA’s cerebral lyrics work in tandem with formidable musicianship to create music both unique and wholly accessible, from reinterpretations of popular jazz standards and hip-hop hits to totally original material. Its members have been under the mentorship of luminaries such as John Pattitucci, John Abercrombie, and The Last Poets. Combined with a love of hip-hop's greats (Dilla, Outkast, etc), their sound is nothing short of refreshing.

This multi-cultural band functions, too, as a backing band for emcees of any styles; they’ve backed Chelsea Reject, Frank Knight, Phenom, amongst many others. In Summer 2016, Frank Knight and QNA went on a combined Midwest tour throughout Chicago, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Duluth, and Mankato. That summer also saw QNA as the house band of the House of Hip Hop Festival in NYC. And since, they've attached crowds to mainstay NYC venues such as Webster Hall, Mercury Lounge, Arlene's Grocery, and Knitting Factory.

Happy Accident:  Roots in Jazz, branches in Hip Hop.

Akai Solo:  Akai is a rebellious hip hop artist from Brooklyn, New York who represents the individual and is the absolute opposite of the norm. Effortlessly dismembering beats with abstract lyrics and higher consciousness wordplay, he seeks to completely eradicate the barriers that separate people from each other. Hoping that as people listen to him be completely himself through his music it helps others be themselves in their daily lives. With such an adamant mindset in his approach complimented by his unique approach he ensures the fact he will be a heavy hitter in hip hop. Akai is also the leader of the rising collective artistic movement , "Tase Grip". He recently released the highly anticipated project entitled, "(D)ragon" which he says will, "begin the counter attack on the close minded."

Azieb Abraha:  Azieb Abraha is the newest addition to the underground music scene. Her original beats and lyrics inspire a quiet intensity similar to creating water with atoms. Her innovative musicianship has crafted her path into the avante-garde Midwest hip-hop and synth pop scene.

A few comments from Azieb Abraha's past performances include: ”Her voice is hypnotizing" &"... her energy is undeniable" - Chreece HipHop Festival 2015.

With a recent article in The Chicago Ttibune, Azieb is quickly becoming recognized as the new wave of underground music. Recently opening for the well known act "The Cool Kids" at Art Institute of Chicago, she is formally recognized by the Chicago Independent Music Awards as “Best Indie Electronica Act of 2014” and featured with Europe toured artist Yonas Michael on The Mixtape Before Black Swan Theory --- "Money".Her discography includes — STUCK (The Mixtape) in 2012 & PWL (Products We Love) in 2015. Her self-titled album "AZIEB" - MAY 2016. The most recent work is her collaborative album entitled "Fox & Wolf" which was released on the new year's eve of 2018.

Look out for her upcoming album due to release this late spring/early summer of 2018.